Share the spirit of Mexico!

Getting together to share great food and good fun is what Mexican eating is all about! And here’s where you’ll find all the inspiration you need to make any get-together really sizzle!

Our exciting new recipes, jam-packed with vibrant colours and mouth-watering tastes, will bring everyone rushing to the table to create their own taste combinations - stuffing crunchy tacos with succulent meat and crisp fresh lettuce, piling colourful fresh veg into soft, warm tortillas or simply dunking chips in chunky dips! But that’s not all - you’ll also find ideas for music, films and games to play - everything you’ll need, in fact, to bring the spirit of Mexico to your friends and family!

So what are you waiting for? Send out those invites - you’ll find those here, too!

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Pork and mango fajitas

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Brush up on your Mexican trivia!

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