Batch Cooking Ideas For Work Lunches - At Home & Office

April 08, 2024
smoky BBQ fajitas served with guacamole, nachos and salsa

Preparing lunch for work to take to the office or eat while working from home, can feel like a daunting task. However, batch cooking offers a brilliant solution, enabling you to prep your meals in advance, ensuring you have healthy, delicious options at your fingertips.

Old El Paso champions the joy of cooking, bringing families and friends together with their range of Mexican-inspired products. Let's dive into how Old El Paso can make batch cooking your work lunches a breeze with these easy ideas!

The Joy of Batch Cooking with Old El Paso

Extra thin chicken tortillas served on wooden board
Batch cooking isn’t just about preparing your meals in advance; it's about infusing flavour into your daily routine. Old El Paso products are designed to add a zest of Mexican culture to your meals, making even a quick lunch break an enjoyable experience. From the simplicity of their soft tortilla wraps to the rich flavour of their seasoning mixes, there's a product to inspire every dish.

Tips for Efficient Batch Cooking

ingredients of mediterranean tortilla pockets placed on wooden table
To make the most of your batch cooking, planning is key. Start with choosing recipes that freeze well and can be easily reheated. If you love Mexican food, stock your pantry with the essentials – think tortilla wraps, taco shells, and seasoning packets. These staples can turn basic ingredients into a Mexican feast. Also, invest in quality storage containers to keep your meals fresh and ready to enjoy.

Easy Freezer Lunches with a Twist

mini stand n stuff taco salad served on wooden board garnished with lime slice
Freezer-friendly lunches are a cornerstone of effective batch cooking. Imagine unwrapping a burrito filled with vibrant flavours, made with Old El Paso tortillas, or a taco salad that only needs a quick thaw before serving. These meals not only save time but ensure you have a variety of options throughout the week. Recipes could include a smoky chicken wrap or a vegetarian taco salad, each packed with nutrients and ready to eat after a brief microwave session.

Batch Cooking Lunch Ideas

roasted vegetable chilli served in a bowl with tortilla wrap
Maintaining a balanced diet is easier when you batch cook. Use Old El Paso’s extra thin tortilla wraps to create wholesome wraps and burritos, loaded with grilled vegetables, lean meats, and beans for protein. A batch of chilli made with our seasoning mix can serve as a hearty base for multiple meals, offering both comfort and nutrition.

View all our chilli recipes here for some tasty inspiration for your next work lunch and make some noise with Old El Paso!