Homemade Vegetarian Mexican Recipes

Vegetarian mexican recipes

Hey there! Are you looking for delicious vegetarian Mexican recipes without the fuss? Well, you’re in the right place. Mexico is full of vibrant colours, vibrant people, and more importantly, vibrant food! Discover our selection of meat-free Mexican meals, and cook up a feast that the whole family will enjoy.

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What Mexican Food Can Vegetarians Eat?

The versatility of Mexican food means you can tailor each dish to your dietary requirements. Whether it’s vegetarian fajitas, burritos or tacos, simply omit the meat entirely or swap for a meat substitute for a delicious vegetarian meal.

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The Best Meat Substitutes for Mexican Food

There are countless ways to substitute meat and keep your meals high in protein and rich in taste. You can try tofu, chickpeas, lentils, halloumi or veggies like aubergine, courgette and mushrooms – the options are endless! Mexican beans are one of our favourites, loaded with fibre and protein, they make excellent meat substitutes for your Mexican dishes.
Traditional Guacamole

Popular Vegetarian Mexican Ingredients

Alongside beans, avocados are a vegetarian Mexican staple. Mash them up for guacamole, or slice them for your tacos. Tomatoes are also essential, whether they're in salsa, a salad, or diced on top of nachos. Charred corn is another popular Mexican ingredient, popping up everywhere in tortillas and tacos. Finally, adding cheese to your dishes will always be a crowd-pleaser. Get your hands on some Monterey Jack, cheddar, or queso fresco to sprinkle over your dishes!

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Get Messy with our Vegetarian Mexican Dishes

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to dive into our vegetarian recipes. From meat-free fajitas with a squeeze of lime to hearty burritos and cheesy quesadillas, bring a fiesta of flavour to your family meals with Old El Paso!