chicken and refried bean quesadillas served on wooden plate with salsa

The humble Quesadilla is the chameleon of Mexican cuisine – and one of the best things about making a Quesadilla is that you only need to stick to one rule: add cheese. Everything in between is up to you! Love chicken? Try a tasty chicken Quesadilla. Prefer a veggie version? Add black beans and some peppers for a Vegetarian Quesadilla. Looking for a quick breakfast? Try a Cheesy Bacon Bean Quesadilla. The options are limitless, but if you prefer something more convenient, our delicious Toasted Cheese Quesadilla Kit is on hand to squash any hunger pangs you may be having.

Quesadilla Meal Kit

The Toasted Cheese Quesadilla Kit is perfect for lunch, dinner, or a satisfying snack. The kit comes with soft corn tortillas, a seasoning mix that can add flavour to any filling you fancy, and a chunky salsa to dip your Quesadilla in when it’s done! Substitute our corn tortillas with our gluten-free ones to make Quesadillas. It’s easy! We can show you how, right here.