Quick & Tasty Mexican Beef Recipes

double layer beef tacos with cheese & sauce
Looking for fast, flavourful dinners to share with loved ones? Say hello to Old El Paso's beef mince recipes. They're delicious, fun and perfect for busy families who just don't have the time to prepare elaborate spreads.
beef mince with spread & tortillas

Reinventing Beef Mince – The Mexican Way

Mexican cuisine is all about variety and taste, and our Mexican beef recipes pack both. They bring out the best in beef mince – simmered in tangy tomato sauce, sprinkled with zesty spices or wrapped in rich, soft tortillas. Imagine all the fun you and your family will have, digging into these hearty feasts.

sizzling beef mince in a pan

How to Make Beef Mince Taste Better

With our uniquely crafted Mexican beef mince recipes, you'll never eat boring beef mince ever again. Our secret? The right mix of peppers, onions and our signature Old El Paso seasoning. Mexican food is all about flavour. Think taco nights with a twist, filled with zesty beef mince to die for, or chilli con carne with a kick.
beef taco crunch with mayo & guacamole

The Perfect Partners for Beef Mince Dishes

Our beef mince dishes aren’t just delicious, they’re also versatile. Serve them up with rice, refried beans, roasted veggies, or even cheesy nachos for an amazing Mexican feast at home.

Beef Mince Recipes

Our beef mince recipes are here to turn drab weekday dinners into vibrant, unforgettable meals. Quick to prepare, exciting to eat, and perfect for sharing – get ready to journey towards a family dinner that's truly delicious!