Bonfire Night at Home Ideas

Bonfire Night at home: A dazzling dark blue backdrop with fireworks and decor

Ignite the spirit of Bonfire Night from the comfort of your home with our delightful guide. From twinkling sparkler ideas to creative crafts, and mouth-watering recipes, here's your blueprint for a magical Bonfire Night at home.

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What is Bonfire Night?

Remember the historical gunpowder plot of November 5, 1605, while enjoying the contemporary festivities of Bonfire Night. Gather around, reminisce about the tales of Guy Fawkes, and celebrate the vibrant tradition that lights up the autumn sky.

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Bonfire Night Tips

Wrap up warmly. As the night's chill sets in, stay cozy by piling on layers. Set up a designated area for warm clothing, ensuring gloves and scarves are within reach as you revel in the night's activities.

Illuminate your space. Transform your garden into a twinkling wonderland with fairy lights draped along fences and tree branches. Opt for solar or battery-powered LEDs for a bright and eco-friendly choice.

Try glowing accessories. Add a sparkle to the night with glow-in-the-dark accessories. Kids and adults alike will enjoy sporting glowing bangles, necklaces, or even glow sticks as they dance around the bonfire.

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Bonfire Night Crafts

Sparkler rings. Engage the little ones with fun crafts like sparkler rings made from glittery pipe cleaners or cardboard rockets decorated with colourful papers and glitters. Create miniature paper 'Guys' as a modern, safe twist to the tradition.

Cardboard rockets: Don’t throw your empty toilet rolls away! Combine the with tissue paper, coloured cardboard and loads of glitter to make mini rockets.

Paper Guys: Traditional Guys tend to be life-sized, but if that’s not an option, why not try a small version instead? Cut out a paper figure and decorate how you like!


Ensure a safe sparkler experience with our tips below.

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