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Christmas Cork Decorations
Don’t throw away your corks during the festive season – put them to good use with our Christmas cork decorations! A great Christmas craft to make with kids, choose between our cork reindeer and cork angel to try. Whether you want to add them to your tree or dot them around the house to spread some festive cheer, grab the materials below and follow our step-by-step guide to make your very own Christmas cork crafts!

What you’ll need:

  1. 3 x corks
  2. 6 x twigs
  3. 2 x mini pom poms
  4. 2 x pins
  5. White polystyrene ball
  6. Jute rope
  7. Gold ribbon
  8. Small pipe cleaner
  9. Super glue
  10. Black marker pen

Cork Reindeer

Step 1: Make the body

To start making your reindeer, take two corks and add a dab of super glue to the end of one. Then, take your other cork and position it so about half is covering the other cork and press hard to stick them together. This is your reindeer’s body!

Step 2: Add the features

Next, take your pin and attach it to the flat end of the top cork to give your reindeer a nose – you can make this red if you’re creating Rudolph! Take your black marker pen and draw two beady eyes on the cork.

Step 3: Make the earmuffs

Now, put a spot of glue on either end of the pipe cleaner and attach the mini pom poms to create your earmuffs. Then, measure where these will sit on your reindeer’s head, before glueing them on.

Step 4: Attach the legs

Next up, take four twigs and ensure they’re the same length for your reindeer’s legs. Measure where these will be on the cork and either attach them with glue or use another pin to create four holes for the twigs to slot into – make sure an adult helps with this part!

Step 5: Attach the antlers

Take another two twigs and attach these using your chosen method to the head, just behind the earmuffs, for antlers – and you’re done! Why not complete the sleigh and make all of Santa’s reindeer, from Dasher to Blitzen?

Watch the full tutorial

Follow all the steps to make your own cork reindeer in our video below!

Cork Angel

Step 1: Make the body

Just like the reindeer, the first step in making your own cork angel is to construct the body. All you need to do is add a good amount of super glue to the flat end of a cork and attach the white polystyrene ball for the head – simple!

Step 2: Create the wings

Next, it’s time to make your angel’s wings. Take your gold ribbon and carefully tie this into a large bow, ensuring there’s enough material in the loops for wings. Pull the knot tight to keep in place.

Step 3: Attach the halo

An angel wouldn’t be complete without a halo! Take your small piece of jute rope and make a circle, crossing the ends over without tying them. Then, attach this to the knot of your wings with a large gold pin, before using the same pin to attach to the back of the cork.

Step 4: Draw the face

Finally, take your black marker pen and draw your angel’s face. We’ve gone for a few simple lines to complete our angel, but you can experiment with any facial expressions you like!

Watch the full tutorial

Follow all the steps to make a cork angel in our video below!

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