Halloween at Home Ideas

Embrace the eerie ambiance of Halloween at home with our revamped celebration ideas! From scrumptious treats and spooky beverages to engaging activities for the little ones, here’s your guide to a memorable Halloween at home with family.


beef enchilada mini tacos

Bite-Sized Beef Taco Boats

Bite into the savoury goodness of these compact Beef Enchilada Mini Tacos! Perfect for a Halloween movie night at home, these miniatures encapsulate the hearty flavors of Mexican enchiladas in a bite-sized delight. Just spoon your mixture into our Mini Stand ‘N’ Stuff Tortillas, sprinkle some cheese, and you’re set for a cozy family feast.


Carving pumpkins is a Halloween at home tradition that sparks creativity and celebrates the spooky season. Whether you aim for a classic jack-o-lantern or a unique masterpiece, follow these easy steps to master pumpkin carving at home.

1. Plan Ahead

Envision your design and choose a pumpkin that fits. Bigger pumpkins work well for intricate designs or lettering.

2. Get Prepping

While the excitement might lead to an early start, it's more enjoyable if an adult preps the pumpkins beforehand.

  • Use a large knife to cut off the top of each pumpkin, leaving a notch in one side of the round so it goes back on top easily.
  • Then, use a large spoon to scoop out the seeds and stringy pulp from inside the pumpkin. Discard or keep to make our delicious Pumpkin Spice Creamers below!
  • Pat the inside of the pumpkin dry, ready for carving.

3. Sketch your Design

Before carving, sketch your design either directly on the pumpkin or on paper as a guide.

4. Carving Time

Now for the fun part! Ensure children are supervised, and remember, a toothpick can fix minor carving mishaps.


Mexican Screwdriver

The Spicy Screwdriver

Add a pinch of zest to your Halloween at home with our Spicy Screwdriver recipe. Embracing the pumpkin hues, this twist on a traditional citrus drink with a Mexican core is perfect for the season. Serve it on the rocks, garnish with sweet cinnamon and a hint of lime for the ultimate Halloween cocktail experience.

Pumpkin Spice Creamer

Pumpkin Spice Perfection

Autumn's here, which can only mean one thing – it’s time for the cosy sweetness of pumpkin spice on those chilly days. Our Pumpkin Spice Creamer lets you bring that latte magic home, whether you're a kid or a kid at heart. You've got options too – stick with the family-friendly classic, or if you're feeling a bit adventurous, go for the one with a splash of whiskey for that extra oomph!

Feeling Crafty? Try Making A Mexican Dancing Skeleton!

Get in the Halloween groove and craft your own Mexican dancing skeleton with our super simple tutorial. It's the ultimate Halloween fun for the little ones – you can even make the whole family, pets and all, and throw a spooktacular dance bash!